Our Story.

EndGrain Specialty Lumber was born out of designer Michael Rupich's furniture-making process as founder of EndGrain Furniture; a world-class, custom wood & metal working design studio.  As his client base and capabilities increased so too did his need for truly unique pieces of properly milled and dried lumber. From there it became his goal to learn the process of milling and drying his own lumber as a way meet and exceed the ambitious goals of the projects he was commissioned to create. "There is nothing like making the first few cuts into a log and letting it reveal the beauty it has waiting for you. It gives us the chance to really assess the log and make all of our design desicions based on quality, not economics or hard necessity" After years of milling and drying his own lumber for the needs of his furniture business, he began selling materials to other like-minded design enthusiasts who were looking for truly distinctive lumber that you can't always find at large, volume-oriented lumber yards. EndGrain has now grown into a multifaceted haven for unique, domestic hard and softwood products, reclaimed lumber, custom metal work and more.




Our Capabilities.

Located in Bloomfield, New Jersey just 12 miles west of NYC, Our 13,000 square foot manufacturing facility includes over two acres of outdoor space for milling and air-drying new cut lumber. Here you'll find our 2 thin-kerf, high capacity sawmills along with our 3500bdft de-humidification kiln, while inside our facility is three areas: Manufacturing, Raw Materials and Showroom. Our manufacturing shop is staffed with highly skilled craftsman from the wood and metal working trades with over 100 years of combined experience in their fields and is home to world class industrial machinery, some dating back to the 1930's, as well as the newest-technology CNC machines. Our raw materials area is stocked with milled but un-finished lumber which will eventually be worked into the job-ready materials found in our Showroom. In our Showroom you’ll find our sales office, along with an extensive display of our entire finished product suite, which includes everything from hollow decorative wood beams to new milled solid and reclaimed beams, new and reclaimed wide plank wood flooring, reclaimed wood siding and ceiling materials, fireplace mantels, case goods, metal work and finished table, desk, counter and vanity tops.

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Our Clients...

Home and Business Owners.

We understand the process of build outs and renovations can be daunting and we love to work with owners from the beginning in order to provide solid ideas of what all the possibilities for their projects really are. We're able to provide the necessary information and examples of possible design looks to help them achieve the space they've imagined. Whether it be decorative wood beams or rustic hardwood floors, accent walls of beautiful reclaimed wood or a natural hardwood island top that adds warmth and character, or even stunning live edge dining and serving tables, We can help you create a truly natural, smart look for your home or work space.

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Contractors, Interior Designers, Architects, Design/Build Firms, Furniture and Cabinet Makers.

EndGrain Specialty Lumber provides unique, quality materials along with creative design solutions in order to help you achieve that breath-taking result you and your clientele are looking for. With a firm understanding of budgets and timelines, and an artist’s grasp of design aesthetics, we've made it our mission to assist you and your knowledgeable patron in bringing your visions to fruition.

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