EndGrain walnut media unit

EndGrain Lumber was born out of the beautiful legacy that EndGrain Furniture has created over the past 10 years. EndGrain is a full-service design, manufacturing, wood mill and metalworking studio located in Bloomfield New Jersey, just 15 minutes west of Manhattan. Our team of craftsmen, under the leadership of owner and award winning designer Michael Rupich, have worked with some of the country's most accomplished architectural and interior design firms. With all of this amazing access to different wood, it became clear that we needed to offer this material in a bigger, more accessible way.  

Through our custom work, EndGrain has become curators of lumber with unmatched access to amazing wood. We have the ability to envision this lumber in its final state and are proud to offer limited, small batches to interior designers and homeowners alike.
— Mike Rupich, Owner EndGrain Furniture & Lumber

Sustainably Sourced

As residents of the Northeast we are so fortunate to live and work not only amongst some of the nation’s most prolific hardwood forests, but also in it's historic heartland. This gives us the unique opportunity to salvage desirable hardwood logs from our immediate area (when they can no long safely stand on their own) as well as to reclaim and repurpose lumber from many of the regions storied but obsolete building structures.

The end result is a truly local product that leaves little environmental footprint while allowing our clients to preserve a significant part of local history and ecology. With this our mission is to help people re-connect with the beauty and elemental warmth of wood. In a world that is becoming increasingly synthetic, wood has the singular ability to transport us back to our roots by re-connecting us with our natural surroundings; it's thoughtful presence in any home or business has the power to instantly ground us in a way that no other feature of design can do. This is why our company was founded. This is our passion, and we hope to make it yours too.