reclaimed gray brown board siding

Reclaimed Grey/Brown 

$10.50 per sq/ft.   Authentic reclaimed barn siding processed from old factories and barn structures.  A beautiful mix of brown and gray boards to add striking contrast to your wall and ceiling. Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

EnGrain rustic weathered gray wood siding

Rustic Weathered Grey Siding 

$7.10 sq ft.  Processed from new, kiln dried pine.  We use our original manufacturing process to patina the wood to a stunning weathered grey that looks like it took years to naturally fade. Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

EndGrain reclaimed gray siding barn wood


Grey Siding 

$11.00 per sq/ft.  The rarest of the reclaimed look, but we often have it.  If it's not in stock it's usually a 4-6 week lead time, but boy is it worth the wait.   call for availability. Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

EndGrain Rustic white washed wood siding

Rustic White Wash Siding

$7.10 per sq/ft.  Beautiful wood to brighten up a room while still keeping that rustic character intact. We can customize the white wash to your needs; heavier, lighter or a mix of both.  Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

reclaimed barn wood white wash siding

Reclaimed White Wash Siding

$12.50 per sq/ft  Our reclaimed white wash is produced onsite and made with un-leaded paint. We can customize the wash to appear heavier or lighter, or to whatever look you're trying to achieve. Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

EndGrain rustic weathered brown siding

Rustic Weathered Brown Siding

$8.60 per sq ft. Achieves that Rustic Warmth at a very conservative price point. Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

Reclaimed barn wood Siding Brown..jpg

Reclaimed Brown Siding

$10.00 per sq/ft.  Traditional country charm, hand finished and prepared onsite. Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

EndGrain Rustic mixed color wood siding

Rustic Multi Colored Siding

$ 7.10 per sq/ft.  The perfect material for that truly unique accent or statement wall in your home or business.
Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

reclaimed barn wood siding multi color

Reclaimed & Rustic Multicolor Siding

$9.80 per sq/ft.  Striking contrasts in colors and materials. Add T&G for $1.00 extra.

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Rustic Unfinished Siding

$6.00 per s/ft.  Perfect for the DIYer.  Add T&G for $1.00 extra. 

reclaimed barn wood silver siding

Reclaimed Silver Siding

$13.00 per soft - lead time of 4-6 weeks if not in stock

Add T&G for $1.00 extra.