reclaimed gray brown board siding

Reclaimed Grey/Brown 

$8.75 T&G per sq/ft.   Authentic reclaimed barn siding processed from old factories and barn structures.  Beautiful mix of brown and gray boards to add striking contrast to your wall and ceiling.

EnGrain rustic weathered gray wood siding

Rustic Weathered Grey Siding 

$6.00 T&G per sq ft.  Processed from new kiln dried pine.  We use our original manufacturing process to patina the wood to a stunning weathered grey that looks like it took years to naturally fade.

EndGrain reclaimed gray siding barn wood


Grey Siding 

$9.50 T&G per sq/ft.  if wood could talk, these boards would have some stories.  Perfect for accent walls and ceiling material for that cozy room.

EndGrain Rustic white washed wood siding

Rustic White Wash Siding

$6.00 T&G per sq/ft.  Beautiful wood to brighten up a room while still keeping that rustic character intact. We can customize the white wash to your needs; heavier, lighter or a mix of both.

reclaimed barn wood white wash siding

Reclaimed White Wash Siding

Our reclaimed white wash is produced by onsite and made with unleaded paint. We can customize the wash to look heavier or lighter, or to whatever look you are trying to achieve. $10.50 T&G per sq/ft

EndGrain rustic weathered brown siding

Rustic Weathered Brown Siding

$5.00 T&G per sqft

Reclaimed barn wood Siding Brown..jpg

Reclaimed Brown Siding

$8.00 T&G per sq/ft.  

EndGrain Rustic mixed color wood siding

Rustic Multi Colored Siding

$ 5.75 T&G per sq/ft.  The perfect material for that accent or statement wall in your home or business.

reclaimed barn wood siding multi color

Reclaimed & Rustic Multicolor Siding

$6.25 T&G per sq/ft.  Striking contrasts in colors and materials.

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Rustic Unfinished Siding

$3.75 T&G per s/ft.  Perfect for the DIYer.  

reclaimed barn wood silver siding

Reclaimed Silver Siding

$10.50 T&G per sqft

New and Reclaimed Pallet Wood Siding

$3.75 per sqft No T&G Comes 3/8 to 1/2 random thickness and random widths and random lengths.