Warranty & Care

Custom Products 

Your custom furniture created by EndGrain is hand crafted by our skilled team with the most complete attention to detail possible. It is our intention and full expectation that your piece will last for generations to come. Please keep in mind that our handmade furniture, installations and items are often made from raw wood and wood slabs as they are found in their natural state. This natural state often incorporates knots, cracks, blemishes, nicks, wormholes, bark pockets, etc. all of which we consider the be a part of the character of the piece. We believe that these very features showcase and celebrate the natural beauty of the wood. These inclusions are NOT considered defects. 

EndGrain kiln dries all of our wood materials to eliminate insects, as well as to reduce and stabilize the moisture content of the wood. Even so, wood is a natural, organic material and will expand and contract in varying temperatures and humidities throughout the year. Do not expose your EndGrain custom pieces to extremes in temperature or humidity. Never store your EndGrain furniture in damp areas such as unfinished basements or garages, and never place or store near direct heat sources. 

All deposits are nonrefundable.

Terms of Warranty 

This warranty is good for 12 months from date of purchase (final invoice). Please keep your original receipt of purchase, as it will be your proof of warranty. 

This warranty covers defective materials and/or workmanship with respect to EndGrain manufactured products only when they are used and cared for as intended and according to the guidelines outlined herein. Please see the Care section below. 

This warranty does not cover damages which result from neglect, abuse or acts of nature, damage or wear & tear to any swivel mechanisms, normal wear and tear over time, insect or animal damage, exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity, wood movement including warping or surface cracks, water damages due to immersion, fading or discoloration in finish over time, scratches, blemishes or slight color variations in wood grain, minor size variations, unauthorized repairs, alterations or misuse causing any type of breakage and/or scratching of wood surface. 

This warranty does not cover: 

  • Electrical components, grommets or any other components which are subject to their own manufacturer’s warranties.

  • Damage caused by misuse

  • Shipping damage, unless it is a packaging problem caused by us 

  • Work done by, or damage caused by 3rd party installers, movers, workmen or other craftsmen.

Making a Claim 

Contact us by phone or email to discuss any potential problems, and to make sure it is covered by this warranty. If a problem is covered, EndGrain at their sole discretion, will repair the product at EndGrain’s shop located at 120 Arlington Ave., Bloomfield NJ 07003, or replace the product entirely. If there is any packing, delivery and/or shipping costs to and from EndGrain’s Shop under this warranty, these costs will be the responsibility of the client. 

EndGrain’s products are made by hand with natural materials and we cannot guarantee any of our work to look or be exactly like any specific photo or other piece of work. The thickness of solid wood allows for refinishing many times. Please feel free to contact us for advice or a quote for services if you would like to refinish, repair or alter your piece at any point in the future. 

Care Tips

  • We recommend cleaning your EndGrain wood piece with a damp, soft cloth. Clean up spills immediately with warm water and mild dish soap for stubborn stains. Avoid using polishes or cleaners that contain ammonia, silicon, or bleach. 

  • Do not place hot items directly on the wood surface. Use coasters or trivets. 

  • Keep your EndGrain piece in an environment with stable, even humidity AND temperature year round to minimize any type of wood movement. 

  • Avoid placing your EndGrain piece in direct sunlight or near heat sources of any kind, and regularly move surface items to minimize fading from sunlight.